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  • Meh. It was meant to be a play on the ever so annoying "I have accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour, copy and paste if you have too". I think I can handle some rage but thanks for looking out :).
    Theres a warstory(unfortunately my first one) in D/P/PT/HGSS era where i play against a guy that made the warstory using Torterra. He was freaked out by the Torterra and i(although with some misplay on his part) killed 3 pokemon on his team with it. Then he made a warstory with its writing it like this

    A TORTERRA !??? TORTERRA !??? IN OU !? What the hell is happening on this world

    Can be seen in Ice-Eyes sig. That passage suddenly become a meme on smogon(look on Torterra 5th gen and PK post something that refers to that WS)

    Oterwise thats the history im just writing it for fun lol
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